The history of TimeTrans

In 2003, Edwin Elzinga and Christa de Jong founded the TimeTrans BV transport company. Following the sale of the company both Edwin and Christa were working for, their many years of experience in the flower and plant sector and their vast knowledge of transport inspired the two to take over the transport division and continue all transport activities under the name TimeTrans BV.

With a small team comprised of two of their own trucks and a few regular chartered transporters, they began making controlled atmosphere transports to a small, loyal group of clients in France. In the years that followed, the company gradually grew while still managing to maintain the TimeTrans values: speed, an eye for quality and care for the customer.

To this day, TimeTrans remains a small, close-knit company that, even after Edwin Elzinga’s passing, continues to proceed with its activities according to his vision.

TimeTrans Truck